English Language and Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature at Kütahya Dumlupınar University is a leading program in Turkey that carries an interdisciplinary perspective in accordance with the needs of the era.

Our courses are concentrated in the fields of English language, literature and linguistics, but in parallel with current research and discussions, applied linguistics, cultural studies, Comparative Literature, American literature, post-colonial literature courses along with literary and critical theories are also included in our curriculum.

The courses are taught in English at our department and our students can work as teachers and instructors at educational institutions of all levels, after having graduated with a pedagogical formation certificate during or after their training. In addition to this, they have a wide range of business opportunities in places such as public institutions, finance, media, advertising, and publishing houses, which employ individuals who are equipped with cultural and literary knowledge as well as advanced English.

By virtue of student exchange programmes such as Erasmus+, Mevlana and Farabi, which our university is a part of, every academic year many students from our department are able to study at universities at home and abroad. Furthermore, our students who are able to receive education with a large number of foreign students from all around the world have the opportunity of adapting themselves to the increasing diversity of today's world.

The students of our department take part in activities such as plays, cultural excursions, publication of department magazine, and conferences, and thereby gain experience related to their theoretical education, and develop a sense of responsibility through their participations.

Last Update Date: 29 August 2018, Wednesday