Biochemistry; is the science that explores the organization and functions of biological systems at the molecular level and is linked to many science disciplines, from basic science fields such as physics, chemistry and biology to living things, nutrition and environmental phenomena. Our objective is to train human power equipped with many scientific and technological field of our graduate and undergraduate education and to gain effective and efficient working discipline and entrepreneurial ability.

Those who want to become a biochemists; they should be interested and curious about scientific studies in science especially in biology and chemistry, and able to concentrate their attention and patient to science. In addition, a basic knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the ability to follow technological innovations are factors that can increase success.

Biochemists have opportunities to work in pharmaceutical, vaccine and especially biopolymer based prosthetics, paints, inks, fibers, plastics and so on. chemical facilities, agrochemicals, cosmetics, detergents and industrial facilities based on fermentation technology. They are also able work in the University-based biotechnology research and application centers,  genetic disease research center laboratories and the laboratories where routine operations such as medical analysis are performed. They may also be employed as active duty officers and officers in the laboratories of the Armed Forces for similar services. Due to the growing interest in the protection of the environment all over the world, they can work in industrial plants or treatment plants owned by local governments to prevent or reduce environmental and air pollution. Graduates in the above business areas; routine quality-control analyzes, health-related tests, new method development studies and the implementation of tasks required in the production processes. Besides these, they can work as a manager in the execution and finalization of the projects. They can research about nutrition, the effects of genetic drugs and chemical changes that come from diseases. In addition, they can be a part of the studies on small organisms responsible for human, plant and animal diseases and studies to obtain various biochemical substances (such as proteins, blood serum proteins, peptides, amino acids, organic acids and compounds) in the laboratory environment, studies on harmful effects of chemical and biological pollutants, studies on preparing cell and tissue cultures and clean and healty diet studies with nutritional chemistry and technology, fermentation, food microbiology and food hygiene.

Biochemists usually conduct their work in the laboratory or indoor environment. Biochemistry is closely cooperating with physics, chemistry and biology fields which makes it an effective branch of science, health, nutrition and environment with similar. For this reason biochemists are in contact with chemists, biologists, physicians, pharmacists, laborants, food, agriculture and environmental engineers according to the type of work they do and succeed in their profession in the rate of communication with these professional groups.

We are trying to give a good education to our students with sufficient Instructional Membership and Laboratory facilities. I believe that our department has given its students an important privilege.

I wish health and success ...

Professor Dr. Metin Bülbül - Head of Department

Last Update Date: 06 September 2018, Thursday