Sociology, a branch of social sciences, aims to understand the mechanisms of formation and change of modern societies. Sociology examines the causes and consequences of the process of formation, change and transformation of social phenomena and events, social organizations and institutional structures. Sociology, develops point of views to understand the modern social world.

The department aims to provide students with academic qualities that will enable them to contribute to scientific research and theoretical and practical knowledge that can help them in their professional life after graduation.



The department's learning language is Turkish. This program accepts students through The Higher Education Institutions Examination. Each year, approximately 150 students are admitted to the Sociology undergraduate program. The study period of the department is four years. In order to graduate, students must pass all required compulsory courses and their General Average (GPA) should be at least 2.00. Successful students are given the opportunity of double major.

Post Graduate

The master's program provides students with the opportunity to specialize in a particular subject in sociology. The program consists of courses and dissertation processes. Students are required to take lessons during two semesters. Students are required to defend an original thesis based on scientific research verbally in front of the jury. The average duration of completion of the program is three years in order to receive master degree.


Some of the research areas of our faculty members:

1- Women’s Studies

2- Daily Life Sociology

3- Religion

4- Methodology

5- Social Stratification

6- Industrial Relations

7- Migration and Social Mobility

8- Gender

9- Urban and Rural Studies

10- Family Studies

11- Social Theory

12- Social Change

13- Culture

14- Media and Communication

15- Knowledge Theory

16- Popular Life

17- Social Movements

18- Poverty

19- Criminal Researchs

20- Intercommunal Relations

21- Modernity

22- Multi-Modernities


Computer Laboratory

Students can use the computer laboratory of the faculty. All the computers in the laboratory have internet connection. Students can use many computer programs that can help their works in the laboratory.


Students can use the Central Library 150 meters away from the building where the department is located. From here, they can access many books and articles in sociology, anthropology and other fields. They can also access databases and electronic magazines available in the library.

Social Activities

Our students participate in various club activities. The Sociology Club established by our students is one of the important clubs of the university.

Internship / Practice Works

Internship work is done to students depending on demand. Certificates are given to students who are participating in this practice which aims to provide individual and professional experience.

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