The Faculty of Arts and Sciences aims at training individuals who have a critical approach and open mind as well as leading them to an intellectual and scientific education at fundamental fields of learning.

In the light of Ataturk’s renowned words ‘Our true mentor in life is science and knowledge’, our faculty also aims at educating individuals who recognise science as the sole guide, and are inquiring, self-confident and well-equipped with contemporary knowledge while prioritizing, preserving our essential cultural values, and passing it down to next generations under the guidance of reason and science. At the same time, our institution has the goal of enhancing the motivation of the students by providing them with social, cultural and athletic facilities to help them get a good profession.

It is also our aim to expand our students’ intellectual and practical capabilities, to give them a comprehensive intellectual background to perceive the contemporary world analytically, and to enable them to adapt these capabilities into their lives.

Last Update Date: 29 August 2018, Wednesday